Liquid Remediact case of (4) 1 Gallon containers

Liquid Remediact bio-remediation solution for petroleum contamination


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Case of 4, 1 gallon containers of Liquid Remediact. This product will solve and handle most water and soil hydrocarbon contamination. The microbes in Liquid Remediact will literally EAT most petroleum based hydrocarbons in deep water and soil. Reducing the amount of equipment and labor cost reducing your cost of taking care of water and soil contamination. Ask your engineering company about remediation instead of excavation. Use during the removal of gasoline or diesel tanks. Liquid Remediact will turn any petroleum based product or spill into carbon dioxide and water.
This product must be diluted 10 to 1 because of the high amount of live synergistic bacteria in a remediation liquid. Liquid Remediact can be applied In-situ or ex-situ projects. Call US Eco Products today for a free consultation
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Weight 40 lbs
Pleasant citrus smell Turns petroleum based spills into carbon dioxide and water easy to use reduce labor costs
One gallon of mixed product will remediate up to 1 cubic yard of soil or 200 gallons of water - - Mixing ratio is 10 parts water to 1 part product

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