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HC-300 Kit This is a professional product for in-situ and ex-situ bio-remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated oily water, groundwater, plumes, and industrial wastewater, ponds, and lagoons. This formula was developed to specifically degrade light and heavy oil fractions. HC-300 Kit affords you the ability to degrade major gasoline range organics. DRO’s from #2 through #6 fuel oils, crude, tar creosote and PAHs. . The following are a partial list of hydrocarbons HC can remediate: Diesel Fuel, heating oil, gasoline, benzene, paraffin, lubricating oil, paint thinners, motor oil, aromatics, ethylbenzene, glycols, crude oil, kerosene, anti freeze, solvents, tars, Contact us today for further information and quotes. 978-457-9229, [email protected]

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