Bio-Hazard Spill Kit

Clean Up Bio-Hazard Spill Kit


biohazard spill kit to handle any body fluids easy to use
Case size 9 kits to a case.

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Clean Up Bio-Hazard spill kit is designed for single use for safely capturing body fluids such as vomit, blood, urine, feces, and oils. Clean up encapsulates odors. The absorbent will quickly absorb fluids and shards of glass making it easy to sweep up and dispose of safely. The kit includes: absorbent, gloves, disposable dust pan, Twist Tie, OSHA Guideline, P.A.W.S wipe, SaniZide Plus Germicidal wipe and clearly marked red bio-hazard disposal bag. This it will help reduce slips and falls, completes inefficient first aid kits, faster response time by staff. This spill kit is prefect for restaurants and hotels for quick pick up. Call today for quotes!

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Weight 30 lbs

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