FleetKleen Cleaner & Degreaser 5 Gallon


FleetKleen from EnviroLogic 5 gallon size
Industrial Strength Cleaner & Degreaser for concrete floors, cement and stone surfaces. This product contains enhanced micro-organisms & bio-cleaners that are demanded by industrial applications.


Fleetkleen received a gold medal at the fair POL-ECO-SYSTEMS ( the Largest Environmental Fair in Europe)


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FleetKleen 5 gallon size
FleetKleen™ is a new concept in the cleaning and degreasing of driveways, concrete
floors, metal grating, cement and most solid surfaces. This product utilizes Bio-
Remedial technology to literally “eat” grease, oil, and hydrocarbons off any hard surface. This process uses naturally occurring, harmless micro-organisms with specially formulated bio-surfactants to degrade these hydrocarbons. FleetKleen™ contains no solvents and is non-flammable. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive and non-caustic. When this product is used in a routine maintenance program, it will effectively help to maintain a clean and safe environment while effectively and economically eliminating hazardous hydrocarbon pollution in the work place.
Use in powerwashes to clean equipment, clean concrete floors, garage floors, tunnels, airport runways, snowplows, trucks,

Available in large quantities from 55 gallon drum to tanker truck sizeListed on the DSL for environment Canada

Fleetkleen received a gold medal at the fair POL-ECO-SYSTEMS ( the Largest Environmental Fair in Europe)


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MHEC Contract #G02, Grounds Maintenance:Equipment,Supplies and Services



MHEC Contract #G17 Custodial Cleaning Equipment and Supplies
Massachusetts Statewide Contract FAC85



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Weight 43 lbs
FleetKleen can be used to remediate all petroleum hydrocarbons. The following is only a partial list of the most common contaninant's:
No 2 Diesel Fuel, No 6 Diesel Fuel, Bunker C
Gasoline, Kerosene, AVGAS
DF-A Artic, DF-1 Low Temp, Diesel Fuel Marine (DFM)
Naval Distillate Fuel NDF-MIL-F-16884H NPD
Burner Fuel Oil-ASTM D396 STD Spec Fuel Oil
JP-5/ JP-8 Standard-MIL-T-5624P Aviation Turbine Fuel
JP-4 Jet Fuel, F-44 (JP-5) JP-5 Jet Fuel
JP-7 Jet Fuel, JP-8 Aviation Turbine, DF-2 General
Applications are:
Driveways/parking lots, loading docks, manufacturing floors, machine shops, fueling areas/stations, lubrication areas, oil storage areas, chemical storage area, Blow pits, vehicle maintenance areas
PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Appearance: Orange Liquid Odor: Orange Citrus Boiling Point: 212° F. Soluble in Water: Complete pH Concentrate 6.9 to 7.2 pH Diluted: 6.9 to 7.5 Evaporation Rate: Same as Water Size: 1 Gal 4/case

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