FOG Solutions

Nature’s solution to effectively remove fats, oils and grease

Grease buildup on the walls of your wastewater lift or pumping stations?

Pumps and pipes clogged with grease, causing expensive maintenance or repairs? 

Our line of microbe oil and grease eating products will help reduce FOG buildup and keep your wastewater systems clean long after treatment. Save countless hours of expensive cleaning and help prevent costly repairs. SEP-700 can be used to remediate all petroleum hydrocarbons.

                                                                      SEP-700 5 Gallon


Best for Wastewater Treatment Systems

✔Reduce FOG Buildup in Lift Stations & Pumping Stations

✔Reduce Operation & Maintenance (O&M) costs

✔Safe Handling: Byproducts are Water & Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

No impact to Microbe & Bacteria downstream at treatment facilities

✔Reduce Bad Smells & Oder

✔Can be used in Combined or Separate Sanitary Sewers

✔Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) utilizes this type of Solution (Bio-remediation)

Usage (1 Gallon of SEP-700 to 10 gallons of water)

  • Shock Treatment (1st use): 5 gallon SEP-700
  • Continuous Maintenance Program: 1 gallon SEP-700 Per month
  • Usage based on average pumping station sizes, actual usage may vary
  • Shock Treatment recommended immediately following a cleaning

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