Remediact Dry Powder



EnviroLogic’s Remediact is a natural absorbent that has been specially treated with hydrocarbon digesting microbes. These microbes have the ability to turn most hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water. Remediact is used for the remediation of soil saturated with hydrocarbon contaminants. It is designed to allow industry to clean up and restore soil to its pre contaminated condition.
Remediact is an active mixture of hydrocarbon-oxidizing, naturally occurring single-celled microorganisms with a natural, bio-remedial absorbent. Partial list of hydrocarbons it can remediate: diesel fuel, heating oil, gasoline, benzene, lubricating oil, paint thinners, mineral spirits, motor oil, jet fuel, glycols, crude oil, toluene, solvents, anti-freeze, grease, tars, xylene and others. Contact US Eco Products Corporation today for further information [email protected], or 978-457-9229.

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