World Centric Compostable 9x9x3 Fiber Take Out Containers – Three Compt 300/Case


These to-go containers bagasse are made from residual sugarcane fiber and wheatstraw, obtained after juice and grain extraction. Plant fiber clamshells can withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees F. Clamshell sizes range from 15 to 34 ounces and 8″ to 9″. Plant fiber clamshells come in single compartments, double compartments and three compartments. Our clamshells are primarily unbleached, so they come in a natural light brown color.

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Unbleached Wheatstraw To-Go Containers

Our plant fiber based products are now made from wheatstraw fiber. Wheatstraw is not only an annually renewable resource, but can also be turned into products normally made from plastic or paper. Wheatstraw is the remaining plant material after the wheat grain and chaff have been extracted. We use these byproducts to make compostable tableware.


Our compostable clamshells are

  • microwave and freezer safe, can be used for both hot and cold items
  • soak proof
  • have no plastic or wax lining
  • handle hot liquids up to 220 Fahrenheit (moisture forms at the bottom for hot food items)
  • fully compostable, sturdy and strong
  • meet ASTM D-6400 standard for compostability

Though these compostable clamshells are soak proof, hot items will cause the plates to “perspire” and some condensation will form at the bottom.

Our products meet FDA standards for food contact and are Gluten-Free. They are made from the wheat stalks and not from the food grain which stores the proteins and allergens. For more information,

These products are BPI (Biodegradables Product Institute) Certified.
Please note that composting is required for biodegradation. These compostable clamshells will biodegrade within 30 days in a commercial composting facility, and within 90 days in a home composting system.

World Centric Donates 25% of their profits and they are 100% carbon offset

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 18.7 × 13 × 18.7 in
Biodegradable & Compostable

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