TrueGreen2 Facial Tissue pack of 3; 12 sht 2 ply per pack; case of 80


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(Bathroom tissue; pack of 3; case of 8)
Have you started using our Tree Free Paper products? We offer paper products made from sugar cane and bamboo.

TrueGreen2’s Tree free Facial Tissue:The tree free paper Facial tissues we make are produced from a natural by-product. This by-product is called bagasse. It’s found from the natural processing of sugar cane. Bagasse is a pithy substance that is strained from the sugar cane to harvest its pure sugar. The bagasse is separated and used for many industrial products. One of those products is treeless paper bathroom tissues.
How to stay green and not use trees, facial tissues are soft to the touch and support the environment. True Green is a women owned business with a long history of success.
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What are Tree Free Paper products? The Green2 products are made from two renewable resources Sugar Cane husk and Bamboo Grass. Sugar Cane is one of the largest commercial agricultural products in the world. It can grow back in as little as 12 months. The sugar cane husks are the waste product from making sugar in the past it was burned and now it is used to make our Tree Free paper products.

Bamboo grass grows rapidly in as little as 6 months it will be back to its full height. Trees on the other hand can take up to 30 years to grow. No trees are used in manufacturing Green 2 products.

UNSPC 14121600
Manufactured and Owned by a women owned business

MHEC Contract # MC15-G17 Custodial Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

Call for Pricing 978-457-9229 on large orders

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