TruGreen 2 100% tree Free Bowls, 12 oz, 6″x1.5″, case of 1,000


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(TruGreen 2 100% tree Free Bowls, 6in”, case of 1,000 ,6×1.5″)

The raw materials we use are from natural plant fibres such as bagasse (a waste product coming from the sugar industry), bamboo, couch grass and wheat straw. The crops are sustainable, fast growing, using existing farm land. The products we make from these materials decompose naturally.
FDA Approved for food Use

What are Tree Free Paper products? The Green2 products are made from two renewable resources Sugar Cane husk and Bamboo Grass. Sugar Cane is one of the largest commercial agricultural products in the world. It can grow back in as little as 12 months. The sugar cane husks are the waste product from making sugar in the past it was burned and now it is used to make our Tree Free paper products.

Bamboo grass grows rapidly in as little as 6 months it will be back to its full height. Trees on the other hand can take up to 30 years to grow. No trees are used in manufacturing Green 2 products.


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