NavalKleen Small Craft Formula 16 OZ size


NavalKleen is an active mixture of hydrocarbon-oxidizing, naturally occurring, single celled micro-organisms with a bio-surface cleaning agent an water.
A unique specially deveopled liquid product to reduce or elininate hydrocarbon contamination in bilges, engine compartments and deck areas. Can be used with Fresh or Salt water.
This product is used by the military, Coast Guard, commercial and private boat owners around the world
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Case of 16 oz size with 12 to a case of NavalKleen Small Craft Formula concentrated microbial-enzymatic hydrocarbon remediation agent. Works well in Fresh or Salt Water
NavalKleen for Small Craft is a concentrated liquid bilge cleaner. It was designed for recreational boat owners who want their bilges to be clean, odor free and environmentally safe. When used as directed NavalKleen will clean, deodorize and neutralize any harmful, polluting & dangerous hydrocarbons in your recreational boat, vessel. The bio-remedial process will convert all hydrocarbon contaminants into carbon dioxide and water. The process is unique among other cleaners that maybe harmful to your health. NavalKleen is prefect for cleaning decks, boat docks, and as an all around cleaner for your boat, yacht, or ship.
NavalKleen is a blend of naturally occurring micro-organisms chosen for their ability to metabolize “eat” hydrocarbons such as Number 2 Diesel Fuel, Number 6 Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Kerosene, Lube oil Diesel, Lube oil, mineral oil, transformer oil, Diesel fuel marine, Naval Distillate fuel NDF, Paint thinner, organic pesticides, transmission fluid and other hydrocarbons. NavalKleen concentrated and therefore is economical to use as often as needed.

Bilge cleaning add 16 oz concentrate to 2 gallons of water by mixing directly in bucket or tank, pour into the bilge and the natural motion of the boat will activate the NavalKleen SCF. Let NavalKleen SCF remain int he bilge as long as possible. Rinse or pump according to all applicable regulations.

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Part of “CLean Marina Program”

Bio-Remediation is Ecologically Safe & effective

Easy to use

Natural process that benefits boat owners & the marina

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Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Pleasant smell, naturally occurring micro-organisms, cleaning action begins immediately,
Bio remediation to clean bilges and deck areas
Natural cleaning process creating carbon dioxide and water
Can be used with fresh or salt water
Bio-remedial, bio-based, renewable resource for taking care of oil waste
Physical Properties:
Appearance: Pale Yellow Liquid
Odor: Orange Citrus
Boiling Point: 212 F
Soluble in Water: Complete
pH Concentrate: 6.9 to 7.2
pH Diluted: 6.9 to 7.5
Evaporation Rate: Same as Water

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