JackHammer Graffiti-Ink-Adhesive Remover 5 Gal. (2 X 2.5 Gal )

5 Gallons (2 X 2.5 Gal)
JackHammer Graffiti Ink Adhesive remover


JackHammer PureGreen 100% BioBAsed Graffiti Ink and Adhesive Remover 6800
Use JackHammer Graffiti ink and adhesive Remover 6800 wherever you are now using conventional solvent cleaners.
All of it’s components are 100% biodegrable and renewable from natural resources. It is a natural safe and effective alternative to your current clean up system
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5 Gallon (2 X 2.5 Gal) Spillaway’s, JackHammer Pure Green 100% Biobased, readily Biodegradable Graffiti-Ink-Adhesive Remover 6800
JackHammer Pure Green is part of Spillaway’s product line of PureGreen. All JackHammer products share the following environmentally enhancing attributes:
Pure Performance, Better Environment, Better Health & Safety, Designation of Bio-Based items Rules, Meets USDA 7 CFR Part 2902 100% Biodegradable, 100% BioBased Renewables
JackHammer Graffiti, Ink, Adhesive Remover 6800 is a new class of BioBased Removers. It’s unique properties will allow you to substitute Graffiti, Ink, Adhesive Remover 6800 for your current petroleum based Cleaners. Although it is a powerful remover-solvent it is also very gentle to the environment and the health and safety of your employees. It’s properties allow it to be used for multiple removal of graffiti, ink, adhesive in a general maintenance or urban beautification program with convenience & effectiveness. Great for parks, playgrounds, buildings, light posts, trucks, bridges, railroad cars, boulders, concrete barriers, Buses, public transportation, any area that has graffiti, ink or adhesives.
Quick evaporating, Rinses with water, leaves no residue, dries quickly, leaves no film, longer use per Gallon, excellent shelf life, no petroleum distillates.
Where to use this product: Graffiti Removal from all surfaces, Cleans Electronics, Adhesive Remover, printing press wash down, press room clean up,.
Contact US Eco Products Corporation with questions, bulk orders 978-457-9229, [email protected]
MHEC Contract #G02, Grounds Maintenance:Equipment,Supplies and Services
MHEC Contract # G17 Custodial Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

Additional information

Weight 36 lbs
Quick Evaporating
Rinses with Water
Leaves no Residue
Dries Quickly
Leaves no Film
Longer use per Gallon
Excellent shelf life
No petroleum distillates
Appearance: Liquid
Odor: mild Citrus
Boiling Point: >292 F
Solubility in water 25% Soluble
PH: 7.3
Color: Clear Water white
Evaporation Rate: 0.36
Product effectiveness: The effectiveness of this product and the speed at which it works is determined by certain factors.
In general these factors are as follows:
Temperature: The warmer the temperature the faster this product will work
Effective operating temperature 55F & 120F
Agitation: The use of an agitation with rag, brush or abrasive sponge speeds the process
Type of stain: Some paints, inks and adhesives take longer than others
It has been our experience that the solvent action of this product begins immediately. The longer the product is allowed to remain on the contaminant the better the result.

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