Safe Paw case of 6 8 lb jugs

Case of 8 lb easy to use shaker jugs of Safe Paw

Safe Paw ice and snow melter, 100% Salt and chloride free, Pet safe, child safe.
MSDS sheets available
Testing results for use around helicopters available
Used by Helipads at Medivac centers, transit authorities, Colleges, Universities, Cities, Towns, Airports
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Case of 8 lb shaker jugs each case contains 6 jug
When others are out of their ice melt give us a call we have plenty in stock and we never run out. Safe Paw is manufactured in the USA no need to wait for shipments from overseas.
Safe Paw (formerly known as Safe Paver/Safe Thaw)is the 100% Chloride free (Salt Free) ice melt.
Recommended by Lisa Peterson of the American Kennel Club in Martha Stewart’s Living magazine ask Martha
Safe Paw works to a -2F
Easy handle shaker jugs
Great for breaking up roof ice dams, will not harm roofing
New green roofs need to use Safe Paw % chloride free and effective. No need for Rock salt or sand
Pet and Child safe, not harmful if swallowed
Safe for landscaping, shrubs, plants
Safe on all decking, asphalt, concrete (as long as it has been cured for at least 12 months)
Safe around sensitive water areas
Unlimited shelf life
Has a green color to assist in the spreading. You can see where you put it.
Recommeded by roofing manufacturers as the only one safe to use on all roofing material.
Great for urban green roofs
Pellet form
Lays down a non slippery finish between the ice and now and the ground that will last up to 3 days to prevent the ice/snow from sticking to the surface. Makes shoveling and plowing easier.
non corrosive, non slip, does not conduct electricity

20 years on the market

Helps with Ice Dams

Goof for use around Solar Panels

Manufactured in the United States

Greeish Blue Pellet

Safe Paw Ice Melt was awarded the 2015 Women’s Choice Award

Safe Paw/ Safe Thaw/ Safe Paver was originally designed for nuclear power plants as it is non-corrosive, does not conduct electricity and will not harm concrete (Poured 12 months)

email [email protected]  or call 978-457-9229 for bulk orders, wholesale and government pricing

MHEC Contract #G02, Grounds Maintenance:Equipment,Supplies and Services
MA State contract # 12-9043-Roadtreatment

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Weight 55 lbs
Works to a -2F
Does not conduct electricity
MSDS sheet available
Third Party testing results available

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