JackHammer Pure Green Smart Solvent 55 Gallon Drum

55 gallon drum of JackHammer SmartSolvent


JackHammer SmartSolvent 6500 is part of the PureGreen product line.
It is a replacement for petroleum based solvents, all green, renewable, bio-based
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55 gallon drum. Spillaway’s JackHammer Naturally Pure Green 100% Bio-Based Products Readily Biodegradable SMART Solvent 6500.
This product is Pure Performance, Better for the Environment, Better Health and Safety, Designation of Bio-Based items Rules, Meets USDA 7CFR Part 2902, 100% Biodegradable
JackHammer SmartSolvent 6500 is a new class of BioBased solvents. It’s unique properties will allow you to substitute SmartSolvent 6500 for your current petroleum-based solvent system. Although it is a powerful solvent & degreasing agent, it is also very gentle to the environment. JackHammer SmartSolvent will make removing chewing gum easy besides degreasing. All of it’s components are 100% Biodegradable & Renewable from natural resources. It is a natural, safe & effective alternative to your current solvent system.
Dries Quickly, Superior Solvency, Leaves no film, Water Rinseable, Excellent Penetrant, No Petroleum Distillates
JackHammer SmartSolvent 6500 can replace the following solvents and others:
MEK, NMP, Mineral Spirits, Trichlorethylene, Acetone, Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, Paint Thinner, Lacquer Thinner, Alcohols, Turpentine.
This product is designed to be part of a “GREEN” environmentally friendly maintenance program to help you meet the ISO 14001 standard.
Larger sizes available
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Manufactured in the USA
Contact US Eco Products, Corporation for more information [email protected] 978-457-9229
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MHEC Contract #G02, Grounds Maintenance:Equipment,Supplies and Services
MHEC Contract #G17 Custodial Cleaning Equipment and Supplies
Toyota part numbers YN8CON3287 PSI JACK HAMMER SMART SOLVENT 12139C

Additional information

Weight 90 lbs
Dries Quickly
Superior Solvency
Leaves No film
Water Rinseable
Excellent Penetrant
No Petroleum Distillates
Physical Properties
Apperance: Liquid
Odor: Mild Citrus
Boiling Point: >292 F
Solubility in Water: 50% Soluble
PH 7.3
Color: Clear Water White
Evaporation Rate: 0.28

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