FPT-850 bio-remedial for fats oils grease and sugar 5 gallon cube container


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5 Gallon cube container of FPT-850. We put together the best of both worlds. We combined the bio-remedial process for taking care of FATS, OILS and GREASE and combined it with the bio-remedial process for handling sugar. FPT-850 is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, non-polluting, enzymatic, bio-based and bio-renewal prefect for the food processing industry and those organizations wanting to go ISO 14001.
FPT-850 is a breakthrough in the cleaning, maintenance and remediation of troublesome contaminants in the food processing industry. The product will literally EAT the animal, vegetable greases, oils, starches, lipids and sugar from all areas of the plant. It can be used on the floors, in the drains, in the holding tanks. These product will handle the special requirements found in bakeries, candy manufacturing, sauce manufacturing, and locations with a FOG problem and sugar. Some of the beneficial uses and applications: food Packaging and distribution, restaurants, cruise lines, catering, cafeterias, beverage/brewery, bakery, shipping galley, hotels, motels.
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