BIO-W Floating Oil Absorbent


Bio-W™ is the first bio-remedial, floating absorbent designed to absorb and control hydrocarbons on water. This product has the ability to repel water, allowing it to “hold” only the hydrocarbon it absorbs.

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EnviroLogic™ developed Bio-W™ to solve one of the most difficult contamination problems facing industry. Bio-W™ is the first bio-remedial , floating absorbent designed to absorb and control most hydro carbons ( oils, diesel fuel, gasoline, petroleum) floating on water. This product has the ability to repel water therefore allowing it to “hold” only the hydrocarbon it absorbs. When the hydrocarbons are “locked” into the fibers of Bio-W™ the microbes will begin to bio-remediate the contaminant turning the hydrocarbon into harmless carbon dioxide (CO2 ) and water. Bio-W™ will float even when fully saturated with the hydrocarbon. It will not leach or drain during the bio-remedial process. This product is a natural, non-hazardous, non-polluting product that is manufactured through a patented process to solve contamination problems on water & reduce the cost of disposal of these contaminants. ” Microbe powered to eat heavy oils and oil by products such as marine oil, transmission fluid, diesel oil. Quickly transforms hydrocarbons to harmless water and carbon dioxide. No need for expensive disposal. Non-corrosive, non-hazardous. Easily skim off the water surface or leave in the water to continue to eat the oil and crude oil or other containment’s. Prefect for the boating crowd, marinas, yacht clubs, Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, ferry service, military, fracking industry, use in holding ponds to clean oils. EPA emergency certification available on file, Better than booms.
Size 1 Cubic Foot

Bio-W is a highly effective environmentally safe product that provides bio-remedial (literally EAT the hydrocarbons) solutions for a cleaner, greener planet and valuable long-term savings.

It will work well on both fresh and salt water applications.

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MHEC Contract #G02, Grounds Maintenance:Equipment,Supplies and Services
MHEC Contract # G17 Custodial Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Can be used in fresh water or salt water
Floating absorbent
After it has absorbed all of the contaminants and you skimmed off of the top of the water mulch into contaminated soil to help clean up those areas as well.
Where to use this product:
Holding Lagoons Trenches
Oil-water Separators Drainage ditches
Ponds, Retention Basins
Trailer Interiors Open Water
Construction sites Vechicle Maintenance Areas

Appearance: Lt. Gray Flakes

Odor: Odorless

Boiling Point: N/A

Soluble in Water: Insoluble

pH Dry: 7.0

pH With Water 6.9 to 7.9

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